our “per-mission” statement:

per-mission is a call for action. It’s an activation platform for people committed to making a positive change to help reshape society.

per-mission is a simple play on words. We don’t want you to ask for permission, we want you to act per-mission, whatever your mission might be. Whether your mission is to help the homeless, stop domestic violence, save animals or create racial equality we want to do something to help change things for the better. The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

Individuals, communities and organizations are embracing per-mission as a way to address issues like bullying, negative self-image and discrimination.

Take actions to support yourself and others. Express all your feelings, get your voice heard from the challenges and the hurt to the possibilities and the hope. And never forget that the opportunities for support, help and love, are always more powerful than the pain.

We have partnered with various non-profit organizations and together with you and our ambassadors want to raise awareness and funds for these organizations.

This platform allows anyone to become the messenger and voice of change one t-shirt at a time.

The simple message of “per-mission” allows you to start that change, get people to take notice, and participate in the movement.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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